Our success in raising funds for Madagascar stems from the combination of strong leadership in the United States and in Madagascar. Working together, we can outline, finance, and implement programs that reach the people most in need, and provide the skills and supplies needed for them to address current challenges today and into the future.

Leadership in the United States

Virginia R. Wiltse, Ph.D., Director of CRMF Operations & Vice-Chairperson

Ginny has served as volunteer Director of CRMF since its inception. She brings to that position her   experiences as a grant writer, grants evaluator, and high school development director. In 2010, the   Archdiocese of Toamasina honored her with the “Bene Merenti” award for service to God, Church and   the poor of Madagascar.

David E. Wiltse, M.S., Chairman of the Board

Following his graduation from the University of Notre Dame, David spent a year of volunteer service with Maryknoll Missioners in Jiangmen, China. David worked for three years with GE Energy Systems, and then completed his M.S. in Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He currently serves as a strategist in U.S. Department of Defense.

Darwin James, Secretary/Treasurer

Darwin has traveled to Madagascar many times, serving CRMF as a French translator, engineer and small business consultant. He owns his own small business and teaches at the university level in the U.S. and internationally.

Rev. Christopher Armstrong, J.D.

Father Chris is the Judicial Vicar of the Archdiocese of Military Services in Washington, D.C, He is the former Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and former Pastor of St. Antoninus Parish in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Carol Egner, M.D.

Carol is a specialist in private practice in obstetrics and gynecology in Cincinnati. She has led the CRMF Saving the Lives of Mothers and Babies since it began in 2011. She currently serves on the Council of the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati.

John A. McKiernan, J.D.

Following his graduation from the University of Notre Dame, John received a Post-Graduate Diploma from Oxford University in England and a law degree from the University of Notre Dame. He is currently on the administrative staff of the Loyola University Maryland.

E. Huxley Miller, M.D.

Huxley developed his interest in Madagascar while serving there as a Catholic Relief Services volunteer in the 1970s. He is an active Rotarian with a medical practice in Cincinnati and also volunteers his expertise in Central America.

David W. Wiltse, M.D.

David is a specialist in private practice in pulmonary and critical care medicine in Cincinnati. He leads the CRMF Medical Mission Outreach and the Community Education Series for local doctors in Madagascar. He heads the Pulmonary Division of Cincinnati’s Good Samaritan Hospital.

Leadership in Madagascar

Brother Edwin Joseph, F.S.G., M.Ed.

Brother Edwin Joseph administers all Caring Response Madagascar programs in Madagascar. A member of the Montfort missionary Brothers of Saint Gabriel, Brother Edwin is an accomplished educator and leader in the arena of project innovation and implementation in the developing world. Before coming to Madagascar, he led extensive work among the poor in India. Brother Edwin Joseph is assisted by a team of local leaders, ONG St. Gabriel, who work with him to monitor and direct the projects of Caring Response Madagascar Foundation, UNICEF, and other international agencies.