Accomplishments At A Glance

Since its founding, CRMF has, through foundation grants and private donations, provided funding for projects such as:

Adult and Teenage Literacy and Education Initiatives: More than 122,000 adults have completed the CRMF literacy program which began in the region of Toamasina/Tamatave in 2002. CRMF now funds home based literacy classes in both urban and rural areas. In 2006, CRMF funded the region’s first computer training center for the poor and more than 5,000 young adults have completed technology training through their program.

Sanitation and Hygiene projects: Over the years CRMF has collaborated often with ONG St. Gabriel in funding projects to bring latrines and water pumps in rural and urban areas. THER CRMF puppets, which teach good hygiene through drama and song, have been recreated in other parts of the country. Currently, the Mode; Healthy Vilage project is active in two towns and funding is underway for a third.