Long term opportunities for thousands in Madagascar

Microlending is one part of an integrated approach to provide hunger relief and sustainable, long term opportunities for thousands in Madagascar. Combined with education and nutrition initiatives, these programs are instrumental to combating poverty and affording people an opportunity for a better life.


Courses on math and budgeting


Romaine runs a small souvenir shop


Weaving mats to sell


Martine in her shop


I have now repaid 85% of my sixth micro loan and have the independance I had lost. Infinite thanks!

Lea, member of the literacy program and successful entrepreneur. Forced out of her apartment by high rent and unable to provide sufficiently for her two young children, she was thrilled by the literacy center in her new neighborhood.


Urban microlending began in 2011. There are currently 80 participants and a huge demand for additional opportunities. To receive their loans, all participants take literacy courses, as well as mathematics. They learn the importance of budgeting in order to successfully repay their loans and manage their family’s finances.

Courses on math and budgeting are critical to help small businesses succeed and build the program


Rural families can participate in literacy and animal husbandry classes at a large rural training center in Analamalotra, funded in part by CRMF. One focus of the center is teaching crop cultivation specifically the adaptation crops to serve the widespread need for nutritional supplement among babies and children.

Small loans help people embark on a variety of enterprises such as raising chickens or producing koba, a root that can be ground into a vitamin enriched powder. In addition to learning farming skills, all participants also partake in literacy classes.