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Caring Response Madagascar Foundation (CRMF) is a U.S. based non-profit that supports programs that enable the poor to change their own lives. Our core projects emphasize education and literacy. Through these core programs and in connection with them, CRMF strives to impact not only the educational environment, but also the crucial areas of sanitation and hygiene, healthcare, and economic self-development. To those ends, CRMF’s purposes are:

  • To support programs that provide educational opportunities for the unschooled and inadequately schooled poor;
  • To support programs that lead to healthier communities;
  • To support programs that lead to economic self-guided-sufficiency for the poor

CRMF collaborates in its work with the Catholic missionary Brothers of St. Gabriel to identify areas of unmet needs, to develop creative projects to address those needs, and to seek support from private donors and foundations in order to initiate and sustain our projects.

CRMF is charitable nonprofit agency. It was incorporated in the the State of Ohio, U.S.A. in November 2001, and has been designated a tax-exempt public charity by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501 (c)(3).


97% of donations to CRMF go directly towards supporting our programs in Madagascar. The remaining 3% is used for our twice yearly newsletters and web site fees.



Caring Response had its beginnings in France when David Wiltse was participating in a study abroad program. He attended classes with Brother Edwin Joseph, who was studying French in preparation to lead a new development effort among the poor of Madagascar. They became friends and Brother Edwin invited David to work with him in Madagascar the following summer. During the summer of 2000, David worked with Brother Edwin in the areas of literacy, education, sanitation and hygiene, healthcare and micro-lending. Upon his return to the United States, David shared his stories and pictures with his mother, Virginia Wiltse. Touched by the stories and clear need, Virginia began a correspondence with Brother Edwin. They began to ask questions: What could they do to alleviate the suffering that David had witnessed? What is the responsibility of those who have so much to those who do not even have access to life’s basic necessities? The response was Caring Response Madagascar Foundation.


Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest and least developed nations. For the poor of this island nation, life is precarious, turbulent and unpredictable. Toamasina, Madagascar’s second largest city, is also its main port. A once proud center of Francophone culture, the city and rural region just beyond today face the same formidable struggles as the rest of the country.

  • More than two-thirds of the country’s 19 million people live in abject poverty, surviving on less than $2 a day.
  • Two-thirds of the people do not have access to either clean water or sanitary means of human waste disposal. As a result, water-born illnesses cost the country 6 million lost workdays and 5.5 million lost school days every year. Water-born diseases are the second highest cause of infant mortality.
  • A 2007 World Bank study revealed that 63% of the population is illiterate. Less than 20% of children complete middle school and only 7% finish high school. In rural areas, these percentages are much higher.
  • An island country, Madagascar is routinely in the path of tropical storms, such as Cyclone Giovanna.
  • Most of the country’s households do not have adequate food and the high rate of malnutrition among children is responsible for stunted growth and developmental problems.

Caring Response Madagascar Foundation responds to these needs through programs that emphasize economic stability, literacy, and better sanitation, health and hygiene. We focus on funding for programs that provide not only immediate relief but help build lifelong skills.

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